How To Make A Reservation Online
  1. Click on Shop
  2. Select your destination City
  3. Select the equipment category (i.e., Car Seats and Air Travel, Strollers, etc.)
  4. Select the equipment
  5. Select the number of days from the “Daily Rent” drop down.
  6. Select the reservation start/end days
  7. Select the quantity
  8. Click on “Add to Cart”
  9. Click  “View Cart” (to view items in the cart and calculate delivery fee).
  10. After all items are added to cart click on “Check Out”
  11. Input coupon codes (if applicable)
  12. Fill in the reservation form
  13. Click on “Place you Order”

You will be contacted by one of our friendly courteous team members to verify your order and confirm your delivery/pick-up times.

How To Make A Reservation Over the Phone
To Phone in Your Reservation Call: (661) 816-9634


  1. All Deliveries will be scheduled within a two (2) hour window.
  2. All rentals have a two (2) day minimum.
  3. For rentals longer than four (4) weeks please contact customer service.
  4. There is a minimum $35.00 delivery fee on all orders (based on delivery location).
  5. Coupon codes have to be entered exactly as they appear (they are case sensitive).
  6. If your delivery date is within 48 hours please call (661-816-9634) to place your order.   Any order placed within 48 hours of the delivery date will be subjected to a $20.00 “Last Minute Booking Fee”  (LMBF).

Please Read our Rental Agreement here.